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Main Characters

Wren is the main character. She was found, an orphan, in the mountains of Siradayel, when she was two. She grew up in Three Grooves orphanage, till one day her friend Tess swept her away to Cantirmoor, to begin her adventures.
Teressa Rhisadel
Teressa was hidden away at Three Grooves orphanage for 12 years. The wicked King Andreus had threatened her parents that he would kill her someday, as revenge on King Verne, her Father.
Tyran Rhiscarlan, Ne-Halfrid
Tyron is the heir to the King's magician, Halfrid. Always a worrier. It might be his hobby.
Conor Dareneth
The last son of Queen Nerith of Siradayel, half brother to Queen Astren of Meldrith. Other than the fact that he will einheirit no land or money, Connor has very odd magical abilities, from the time of the Iyon Daiyen...

Other Charecters


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